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Jan 01 17

Can We Understand the Bible Alike?
By Jon Mitchell

The title is an understandable question, especially in light of the religious division and 
confusion that exists in Christendom today. Of the counted minimum of two thousand different sects and faiths which proclaim to be Christian, all have great regard for the Bible and claim to follow it. However, common sense suggests that such is not the case when all proclaim to follow the Bible and yet believe and practice different ideas and doctrines. Jesus knew that we could understand his Word in the same way and follow it with complete unity (John 17:20-23). So did Paul (Phil. 2:2). After Christianity started on the day of Pentecost after Christ’s death, the first converts “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ teaching” (Acts 2:42) and “the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and soul” (Acts 4:32). Quite a contrast from today! The saints in Rome were instructed to be on the lookout for those who caused “divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine” they had learned, and avoid them (Rom. 16:17) How could they have obeyed that command without
being taught to agree upon the doctrine that they had been taught? When a congregation was divided, Paul by divine inspiration wrote them that there should be no divisions among them and commanded them to speak the same thing (1 Cor. 1:10). How could this divine order be carried out if people are unable to understand the Word of God alike?

The reasons there are divisions about what the Bible says are many. First, all of us and our judgments are not perfect. Either by failing to study diligently or by failing to practice proper, consistent interpretive principles, we misunderstand biblical teaching and divide over it. Secondly, some believe that the Holy Spirit directs us in our study of Scripture and leads us to the truth, but such an idea is proven incorrect time and time again when two men both claim that the Spirit guided them to different conclusions about the same biblical passage. Thirdly, efforts to accurately interpret the Bible are often hindered by an absence of complete, 100% open-minded objectivity. Some subconsciously try to avoid dealing with the guilt of their sin and so twist the Scriptures to suit their ungodly lifestyles, while others are too loyal to family, peers, or their own religion and habits and thus approach the Bible with a closed mind. 

When someone says that we can’t understand God’s will alike, that person has either never really engaged in a diligent, systematic study of the Bible or he is somehow seeking to justify a religious view or practice that is not according to the Bible. Therefore he attacks the Bible as being a book that no one can understand rather than admitting that he believes something that God does not teach. However, we all can understand Scripture alike. We just choose not to.


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Special Prayer Request

Lee Hampton, uncle of Travis is having
health issues.
Allysa Richardson’s daughter (Nicole
Hampton’s friend.) is ill.
Tracy Cruise will see a neurosurgeon Jan.
Janet Penn, has breast cancer.
Bonnie Doherty is recovering at Webco.
Thelma, Suzi Doty’s Mother-in-law.
Larry Hicks, in nursing home in Ava. In pain,
Jim Chittendon, friend of Ron and Cathy
Thompson (member of the Lord’s church)
diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Robert Comer’s step-dad Ray is having problems
with his blood.
Karen Burney, undergoing gastric surgery.
Tim Warden, Janet Haffner’s brother has
contracted leukemia.
Daniel Henslee, Steve & Michelle’s son-inlaw
is having heart tests.
Beth Adams of the Strafford congregation.
Current treatment is working
Glen Ed Sinclair, uncle of Cathy Thompson
has been sent home with hospice care.
Wanda Jennings, friend of Norma has cancer.
Gaylen Bland has been diagnosed with kidney
Andy Novinger who is fighting Thyroid Cancer.
Magdalena Ospina — Terminally ill with

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  •  Paul and Ernestine Sandoz
  •  Estelline Jones
  •  Ina Gillette (Colonial Springs in Buffalo)
  •  Pat Lamb (Marshfield Care Center)
  •  Judy Barrow (Webco East)
  •  Bonnie Doherty (Webco East)
  •  Zoe Lawless of Conway (Webco)
  •  Rosalie Rosenberger (Thad Layne’s sister) is in a nursing home in Jax, FL



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