An example taken directly from the Bible...

For Peter's First Sermon Read  Acts 2: 14-47.

Audio Sermons 2011 Ken Williams
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Challenge to Church Wide Commitment 8-28-11 AM Pillars of Christianity 8-28-11 PM
Have You Ever Had One of Those Days? 9-11-11 AM I'd Rather Have Jesus than Anything 9-11-11 PM
The Reason for the Torn Veil  10-2-11 AM Time to Take a Bath 10-2-11 PM
What Would You Not Give Up For Eternal Life? 11-13-11PM
Seven Things to Be Thankful For 11-20-11AM
Standing at the Crossroads 11-27-11AM Where Are the Dead? 11-27-11PM
For God So Loved the World He Gave...Jesus 12-04-11AM What is Your Position in God's Army 12-04-11PM
Who is This Jesus?  Wonderful Counselor 12-11-11AM Faith Builders for Life's Problems 12-11-11PM
Jesus As Mighty God 12-18-11AM Jesus As Eternal Father 12-18-11PM
Jesus As Prince of Peace 12-25-11AM


Christ Centered Life in 2012 1-01-12 AM Resolutions for the New Year 1-01-12 PM
When Jesus Says Come 1-08-12 AM Daily Religion 1-08-12 PM
Time to Remove the Ashes from the Alter 1-15-12 AM Don't Believe the Hype 1-15-12 PM
Identity Crises of the Lord's Church 1-22-12 AM What it Means to Be Committed to Christ 1-22-12 PM
Authority to Do What We Do as the Lords Church 2-05-12 AM Paul's Instructions to Timothy-a Young Preacher 2-05-12 PM
God's Judgement is Coming! 2-12-12 AM
Importance of the Local Congregations 2-19-12 AM As a Man Thinks So He Is 2-19-12 PM
One 2-27-12 AM All 2-27-12 PM
Worship Him 3-04-12 AM Expectations We Can Have From Worship 3-04-12 PM
Singing is Authorized Instruments are Not 3-11-12 AM I Want to be Alive! 3-11-12 PM
Remember Me 3-18-12 AM How Not to Fall off the Bridge 3-18-12 PM
Faith 3-25-12 AM
Exclusiveness of God 4-01-12 AM Fellowship with God 4-01-12 PM
We Need Hope 4-08-12 AM Fellowship with God's People 4-08-12 PM
God Expects Obedience 4-15-12 AM Have No Fellowship With the World 4-15-12 PM
Learning to Lean on God:Getting into the Wheel Barrow 4-22-12 AM Special Relationship of God's People 4-22-12 PM
Seeing the Glory of God 4-27-12 AM
9 Attitudes to Live By 5-06-12 AM Tough Choices 5-06-12 AM
Lessons in Unlikely Places 5-13-12 AM Gambling is Sinful 5-13-12 PM
The Beatitudes: Lesson 2 5-20-12 AM  Tobacco Use 5-20-12 PM
What Does it Mean to Change 6-03-12 AM The Moment I've Been Waiting For 6-03-12 PM
Joseph the Model Father 6-17-12 AM Should Culture Determine Modesty 6-17-12 PM
How Much Are We Worth to God 6-24-12 AM Angels 6-24-12 PM
In God We Still Trust 7-01-12 AM Whats so Amazing AbouttheGraceofGod? 7-01-12 PM
Adopted By the Father 7-08-12 AM Dinosaurs and the Bible 7-08-12 PM
The Power of Forgiveness 7-15-12 AM Fasting in the Bible 7-15-12 PM
Crying Out to God 7-22-12 AM Staying on Track 7-29-12 AM
When Christ was Taught Christ 8-05-12 AM Dry Bones Come to Life 8-05-12 PM
The Five R's of Repentance 8-12-12 AM
Wholehearted Christianity 8-19-12 AM Making the Most Out of My Life 8-19-12 PM
Become Aware of What God Has for Us 8-26-12 AM Accountability 8-26-12 PM
Challenges Ahead 9-9-12 AM Understanding What We Sing 9-9-12 PM
Who is the Boss in Your Life? 9-16-12 AM Doing Good to Others 9-16-12 PM
Promises 9-23-12 AM Lessons from a Golden Calf 9-30-12 AM
The Gate Straight or Narrow 10-07-12 AM Authority/Completeness of the Bible 10-07-12 PM
Personal Relationship with Christ 10-14-12 AM Without Him 10-14-12 PM
Where is God When ... 10-21-12 AM Nazarite Vow & the Christian 10-21-12 PM
Restore Us Again 10-28-12 AM What a Friend We Have 10-28-12 PM
Soldiers of Christ Arise 11-11-12 PM
Much to be Thankful For 11-18-12 AM How Do We Avoid Satan's Snares 11-18-12 PM
The Fruit of Repentance 11-25-12 AM Stand Up for Jesus 11-25-12 PM
Choices:Obedience vs Disobedience 12-2-12 AM Can You Pass the Test 12-2-12 PM
Demands of the Cross  12-9-12 AM Why Do I Need God? 12-9-12 PM
The Day of Judgement 1 12-16-12 AM The Day of Judgement 2 12-16-12 PM
The Gift That Keeps on Giving 12-23-12 AM The Greatest Gift 12-23-12 PM
I Resolve 12-30-12 AM


Old Testament Purpose and Overview David Page 7-22-12 PM
Hope in God through Christ  Joel Carey 8-12-12 PM

Special Series Lessons and Lectureships 2011 (Audio)

Home Improvement  2011 Lectureship 
November  6-9
What the Bible Teaches about the Family November 6 AM
Family Feud November 6 AM
It's Getting Cloudy November 6 PM
The Family Under Attack November 7 PM
Recipe for Successful Parenting  November 8 PM
A Home That's Blessed November 9 PM

Special Series Lessons and Lectureships 2012 (Audio)

Restoration of the Church   2012 Lectureship
 6-10-12 thru 6-13-12
The History of the Restoration Movement 6-10-12 AM Class
Restore Once More 6-10-12 AM Worship
Speak Where the Bible Speaks 6-10-12 PM 
Restoration Perils 6-12-12 PM
Restoration Be's 6-13-12 PM


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