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For Peter's First Sermon Read  Acts 2: 14-47.
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N/A  01-05-14 AM N/A  01-05-14 PM
What is Worship? 01-12-14 AM Devotional 01-12-14 PM
Helpful Scriptures for Seekers 01-19-14 AM How Rich Are We 01-19-14 PM
Broken 01-26-14 AM The Christian Life 01-26-14 PM
Heaven is Real and We Can Go There 02-02-14 AM Walking in the Light 02-02-14 PM
Ten Bible Verses to Read Before we Die Part 1 02-09-14 AM Ten Bible Verses to Read Before we Die Part 2 02-09-14 PM
Stand Up For Jesus 2 02-16-14 AM Costs and Blessings of Being a Christian 02-16-14 PM
Shoring the Hope That is in You     Brian York 02-23-14 AM Is All Well That Ends Well?        Rick Bright 02-23-14 PM
Let Us All Be Fishers of Men  03-02-14 AM N/A 03-02-14 AM
Our Basis for Authority     Owen Olbricht 03-09-14 AM Why Do Personal Evangelism  03-09-14 PM
What Can We Do About Many?  Owen D.Olbricht 03-16-14 AM Are We Sincere With God?  Owen D.Olbricht 03-16-14 PM
Are You Listening? 03-23-14 AM What is the Gospel of Christ 03-23-14 PM
Understanding the Conditions of Salvation 03-30-14 AM N/A 03-30-14 PM
By What Authority 04-06-14 AM The Church is the Bride of Christ 04-06-14 PM
What Will You Do With Jesus? 04-13-14 AM Reverence 04-13-14 PM
Victory in the Risen Christ 04-20-14 AM Seven Keys to Great Faith 04-20-14 PM
How Valuable to You is God's Word? 04-27-14 AM Abiding in His Word 04-27-14 PM
Four Kinds of Foolish People 05-04-14 AM They Who Wait Upon the Lord 05-04-14 PM
Mothers Who Made a Difference 05-11-14 AM Does the Gospel Offend?  05-11-14 PM
Be a Fruitful Branch 05-18-14 AM 5 Principals to Making Godly Decisions 05-18-14 PM
Celebrate Memorial Day Every Sunday 05-25-14 AM I Am Weak But Thou Art Strong 05-25-14 PM
Learning to be Victorious 06-01-14 AM Are You Ready to Your Canaan 06-01-14 PM
Victory in Christ 06-08-14 AM Militant or Meek? 06-08-14 PM
God's Idea of a Great Father 06-15-14 AM Digging Deeper 06-15-14 PM
God Said...But 06-22-14 AM Voice of Truth International 06-22-14 PM
God's Laws vs Mans Laws 06-29-14 AM Devotional: Ye of Little Faith 06-29-14 PM
Stop the Chariot!             Rick Bright 07-06-14 AM Job                            Johnnie Sanders 07-06-14 PM
Anchor in the Storm 07-13-14 AM Are you Doing All You Can to Understand? 07-13-14 AM
Why Do You Want to Go to Heaven 07-21-14 AM Study on Hebrews 07-21-14 PM
What it Means to Be IN Christ 07-27-14 AM Overcoming Obstacles 07-27-14 PM
Great Promises We Have 08-03-14 AM Making Goals as Christians 08-03-14 PM
But Satan Hindered Us... 08-10-14 AM What Difference Does it Make?  Brian York 08-10-14 PM
What is God's Will for My Life? 08-17-14 AM How is Your Driving? 08-17-14 PM
But the Bible Doesn't Say I Can't 08-24-14 AM Faith is.... 08-24-14 PM
What the Cross Brings to You and I 08-31-14 AM N/A 08-31-14 PM
Seven Ways to DisObey God 09-07-14 AM Approved to God 09-07-14 PM
Christianity is Worth Living 09-14-14 AM Why Do Churches Grow? 09-14-14 PM
What to Do With Life's Cares 09-21-14 AM Remember the Fundamentals 09-21-14 PM
Do We Really Believe that God Is 10-05-14 AM Directions of Growth 10-05-14 PM
Changing Our Worldly Focus 10-12-14 AM Being the Temple of God 10-12-14 PM
What is Truth? 10-19-14 AM Are You a Pharisee 10-19-14 PM
Jude: Contending for the Faith Part 1-
-Declaring What is Profitable
10-26-14 AM Jude:  Contending for the Faith Part 2 10-26-14 PM
Jude:  Contending for the Faith Part 3 11-02-14 AM N/A 11-02-14 PM
Jude:  Contending for the Faith Part 5 11-09-14 AM Jude:  Contending for the Faith Part 6 11-09-14 PM
Pursuing God 11-16-14 AM Ways of Being Committed to God 11-16-14 PM
Preaching Jesus 11-23-14 AM Who Am I? 11-23-14 PM
Idolatry 11-30-14 AM N/A 11-30-14 PM
Are You Good Enough? 12-07-14 AM Jesus Taught in a Narrow Way 12-07-14 PM
Are You Willing to Do What's Right? 12-14-14 AM What Strengthens Christ's Church 12-14-14 PM
Jesus Wasn't Born at the Holiday Inn
Rick Bright
12-21-14 AM  Jesus: Why He Was Born  
Brian York
12-21-14 PM
Are We Committed to Needing Jesus 12-28-14 AM Make a Choice to Rejoice in the New Year 12-28-14 PM


MARCH 12-16-2014

What's Wrong with the Churches Wednesday, March 12, 7 PM Owen D.Olbricht
What Kind of Church Do You Like? Thursday, March 13, 7 PM Owen D.Olbricht
Jesus Died for What Kind of Church? Friday, March 14, 7 PM Owen D.Olbricht
Why So Many Churches? Saturday, March 15, 7 PM Owen D.Olbricht
Sunday AM Adult Bible Class Sunday, March 16, 9:30 AM Owen D.Olbricht
What Can We Do About Many? Sunday, March 16, 10:30 AM Owen D.Olbricht
Are We Sincere With God? Sunday, March 16, 6:00 PM Owen D.Olbricht


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