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For Peter's First Sermon Read  Acts 2: 14-47.
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Audio Sermons 2013 Ken Williams

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N/A 01-06-13 AM Ezra 01-06-13 PM
The Wisdom of God 01-13-13 AM Why Do We Serve the Lord? 01-13-13 PM
Does God Hate? 01-20-13 AM What Happened at the Jail 01-20-13 PM
How to Win Friends & Influence People: Proverbs 01-27-13 AM What to Do When the Fire Goes Out 01-27-13 PM
Guarding Your Heart 02-03-13 AM Our Prayer for Life by Roy Phillips 02-03-13 PM
Spiritual Landmarks 02-10-13 AM Prayer: Lord Hear Me When I Call 02-10-13 PM
What we Can Learn from Animals of the Bible 02-17-13 AM I Offer 02-17-13 PM
The Exceedingly Great Promises of God 02-24-13 AM Not Available N/A 02-24-13 AM
They Are More Desired Than Gold 03-03-13 AM Grumbling and Complaining 03-03-13 PM
God's Patience 03-10-13 AM Lessons from a Barren Fig Tree 03-10-13 PM
Hope When Things Seem Hopeless 03-24-13 AM N/A 03-24-13 PM
He is Risen! 03-31-13 AM N/A 03-31-13 PM
Who is Subject to the Law of God? 04-07-13 AM In the Footsteps of Thomas 04-07-13 AM
Almost Persuaded 04-14-13 AM Handling Rightly the Word of Truth 04-14-13 PM
Hope in Jesus 04-21-13 AM Denominations--How and Why 04-21-13 PM
The Lost Who Never Heard the Gospel 04-28-13 AM The Three R's of Christianity 04-28-13 PM
Faith Under Fire:Does God Care About Me? 05-05-13 AM The Strange Ways of God 05-05-13 PM
Faith Under Fire:Is God Fair? 05-12-13 AM Once Saved Always Saved? 05-12-13 PM
Faith Under Fire:How to Lose it All 05-19-13 AM Why We Should Not Neglect Salvation 05-19-13 PM
Strengthening Your Faith in Times of Trouble 05-26-13 AM N/A 05-26-13 PM
Noah and the Flood:Ancient Lessons for Life 06-02-13 AM Tips to Avoid Stumbling 06-02-13 PM
How Do We Treat the Scrolls 06-09-13 AM Do Not Worry or Be Anxious 06-09-13 PM
Abba Father 06-16-13 AM Salt of the Earth: Are we Making an Impact  06-16-13 PM
Understanding our Enemy 06-23-13 AM How to Deal with the Problems of Life 06-23-13 PM
What is Truth? 06-30-13 AM What is the Worth of a Man's Soul? 06-30-13 PM
Are We About Our Father's Business? 07-07-13 AM What is the Church to You? 07-07-13 PM
God Loved Us So Much... Brian York 07-21-13 AM Jesus, Our City of Refuge   Roy Phillips 07-21-13 PM
Faith Grounded in Christ 07-28-13 AM Some Questions Jesus Asked 07-28-13 PM
Follow Christ Now 08-04-13 AM How and Why God Answers Prayer 08-04-13 PM
Do You Feel Alone 08-11-13 AM Where No One Stands Alone 08-11-13 PM
Press on to the Goal of Heaven 08-18-13 AM Five Things You Don't Have to Be 08-18-13 PM
Living By Faith 08-25-13 AM Panama Mission Trip Report 08-25-13 PM
Who is God? 09-01-13 AM Measure Twice 09-01-13 PM
Is Your Battery Running Low? 09-15-13 AM They Lied About the Lord 09-15-13 PM
Facing Your Giants 09-22-13 AM N/A
The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached 09-29-13 AM Joshua: A Soldier for God (devotional) 09-29-13 PM
There is a Plan 10-06-13 AM Is It Worth It? 10-06-13 PM
What Motivates You? 10-13-13 AM It Just Makes Sense 10-13-13 PM
Directionally Challenged 10-20-13 AM  God is Able 10-20-13 PM
Freedom from God's Point of View 10-27-13 AM Pray Until Something Happens 10-27-13 PM
Desiring to Save Your Life 11-03-13 AM The Power of His Presence 11-03-13 PM
Becoming an Authentic Christian 11-10-13 AM Veterans of Christ 11-10-13 PM
Refining Precious Metals and Gems 11-17-13 AM N/A 11-17-13 PM
What Are You Thankful For 11-24-13 AM What it Means to Walk in the Light 11-24-13 PM
The Power of the Resurrection 12-01-13 AM Jesus as Priest, Prophet, and King 12-01-13 PM
Jesus is King 12-08-13 AM N/A 12-06-13 AM
Jesus is the Great I AM 12-15-13 AM Jesus is the Master 12-15-13 PM
Jesus is Our Savior 12-22-13 AM Life's Greatest Things 12-22-13 PM
Our Life in 2013 and Our Plans for 2014 12-29-13 AM What God Requires of us to Change 12-29-13 PM

Special Meeting: September 8-11 2013- Danny Boggs-The Difference Christ Makes

The Difference Christ Makes in YourAttitude-09-08-13AM The Difference Christ Makes in Family  09-08-13 AM
The Difference Christ Can Make in Your Job 09-08-13 PM The Difference Christ Makes in Understanding 9/10/13
The Difference Christ Can  Make in Eternity      9/10/13PM The Difference Christ Makes in the Church 9/10/13 PM

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