Audio Sermons 2015 -- Ken Williams (unless otherwise noted)
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Authority of Scripture 01-04-15 AM Gift of Jesus 01-04-15 PM
N/A 01-11-15 AM N/A 01-11-15 PM
Divine Authority 01-18-15 AM Offered and Answered Prayers 01-18-15 PM
Remove Not the Ancient Landmarks 01-25-15 AM Why Do We Lose Our Zeal? 01-25-15 PM
Give God Control 02-01-15 AM Is God Jealous? 02-01-15 PM
Fishers of Men 02-08-15 AM Ten Things I Know 02-08-15 PM
Follow Me 02-15-15 AM What Cannot Be Shaken 02-15-15 PM
Why Should I Evangelize? 02-22-15 AM Our Obligation to the Truth 02-22-15 PM
Glorifying God 03-01-15 AM Philemon 03-01-15 PM
Not my Will, But Thine 03-08-15 AM Spiritual Check-Up 03-08-15 PM
How to live in an Unfair World 03-15-15 AM Pushbutton Religion 03-15-15 PM
Attitude Toward Sin 03-22-15 AM Settled in Heaven 03-22-15 PM
Twisting the Scripture 03-29-15 AM Instruction from the Lord 03-29-15 PM
Resurrection of our Lord 04-05-15 AM N/A 04-05-15 PM
Does it Pay to be a Christian 04-12-15 AM Growing in Christ 04-12-15 PM
Our Attitude Toward Sin 04-19-15 AM N/A 04-19-15 PM
Avoiding Satan's Potholes 04-26-15 AM How Christians Shape the World 04-26-15 PM
Barriers to our Relationship with God 05-03-15 AM The Perfect Law of Liberty 05-03-15 PM
Tribute to our Mothers 05-10-15 AM Will Heaven be Worth it All? 05-10-15 PM
Defining Legalism 05-17-15 AM Ways We Commit to our Father 05-17-15 PM
Remembrance 05-24-15 AM Remembring What God's Word Gives Us 05-24-15 PM
What is the Will of the Father 05-31-15 AM He Touched Me 05-31-15 PM
Good News, Bad News 06-07-15 AM God's Choice or Ours? 06-07-15 PM
I Believe... 06-14-15 AM Heaven will be 06-14-15 PM
Fathers of Old 06-21-15 AM Wisdom of God 06-21-15 PM
Lazarus Lives              Rick Bright 06-28-15 AM Seeing Jesus          Rick Bright 06-28-15 PM
Upright and Free         Rick Bright 07-05-15 AM What I Have I Will Give Thee   Rick Bright 07-05-15 PM
Same Sex Marriage and the Bible 07-12-15 AM Don't Keep God in a Box 07-12-15 PM
Who Am I 07-19-15 AM Just Listen 07-19-15 PM
Prayer of Jesus 07-26-15 AM What Will God Do For Me? 07-26-15 PM
Sweeter than Honey 08-02-15 AM Zechariah 13 08-02-15 PM
Nothing but the Blood of Jesus 08-09-15 AM I Am the One 08-09-15 PM
On Whom Do You Lean? 08-16-15 AM Do You Truly Believe? 08-16-15 PM
 Are You Heavy Laden Part 1 08-23-15 AM Are You Heavy Laden Part 2 08-23-15 PM
What the Preacher Can't Do 08-30-15 AM Psalm 143 08-30-15 PM
What to Look for in a Preacher   Brian York 09-06-15 AM As for Me and My House  Brian York 09-06-15 PM
If    Terry Cruise 09-13-15 AM Decisions   Ken Williams 09-13-15 PM
How Did They Not Know? Ron Thompson   N/A 09-27-15 AM N/A   Ken Williams 09-20-15 PM
N/A Matthew Mc Brayer 09-27-15 AM N/A Matthew Mc Brayer 09-27-15 AM
Out of this World Peace   Rick Bright 10-04-15 AM Blessed are the Peacemakers     Rick Bright 10-04-15 PM
In the Footsteps of Christ   Jarrod King 10-12-15 AM Characteristics of Christ  Jarrod King 10-12-15 PM
The Church That Christ Built    Terry Cruise 10-18-15 AM Be Christ Like!  Ken Williams 10-18-15 PM
Heroes    Randy Hyder   N/A 10-25-15 AM Ken Williams  N/A 10-25-15 PM
Excuses  Brian York 11-01-15 AM Evangalism  Brian York 11-01-15 PM
Probabilities  Ken Williams 11-08-15 AM  Do We Need the Savior Ken Williams 11-08-15 AM
Love of Christ    Steve Rook 11-15-15 AM The Book   Steve Rook 11-15-15 PM
Zeal for my Father's House     Daniel Freeman 11-22-15 AM Destroy this Temple  Daniel Freeman 11-22-15 PM
N/A 11-29-15 AM N/A 11-29-15 PM
I Was Afraid     Brian York 12-06-15 AM N/A 12-06-15 PM
Self Examination      Ken Williams 12-13-15 AM Power in the Blood    Ken Williams 12-13-15 PM
Christmas Questions  Ron Thompson 12-20-15 AM Gift of Human Life   Ron Thompson 12-20-15 PM
Priceless Value of Family  Rick Bright 12-27-15 AM Terror of the Present World  Rick Bright 12-27-15 PM