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March 3-4 The Existence of God and Creation--Kyle Butt


KIDS !!!-- All Welcome to Attend !
Vacation Bible School 2014
   VACATION  BIBLE SCHOOL-at Marshfield church of Christ.
July 21-26

Promise Land or Bust

July 21, 2014
  9:00--11:00 A.M.

Wilderness Road Adventures

 Monday: Godís Path: The Israelites Cross the Red Sea (Exodus 14)

 Tuesday: Godís Gift: God Makes Bitter Waters Sweet (Exodus 15:22-27)

 Wednesday: Godís Strength: The Report of the Twelve Spies (Numbers 13:26-14:10)

Thursday: Leaders: Korahís Rebellion (Numbers16:1-3

Friday: Godís Promised Land: Israel Says ďThank YouĒ (Joshua 3:1-4:24)
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