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For Peter's First Sermon Read  Acts 2: 14-47

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Is it Worth Dying For? 01-06-19 AM Goals to Aim For in 2019 01-06-19 PM
N/A 01-13-19 AM N/A
Integrity     Eddie Watkins 01-20-19 AM Judge Not     Eddie Watkins 01-20-19 PM
Making Decisions 01-27-19 AM Hitting the Target  Youth Focus Message 01-27-19 PM
Power in One 02-03-19 AM Don't Be Aimless 02-03-19 PM
Thinking Outside the Box 02-10-19 AM N/A 02-10-19 PM
N/A 02-17-19 AM N/A 02-17-19 PM
Africa Mission  Bob Lewis 02-24-19 AM Sound it Out! 02-24-19 PM
Can a Christian be Proud? 03-03-19 AM N/A 03-03-19 PM
N/A 03-10-19 AM N/A 03-10-19 PM
Hear the Conclusion 03-17-19 AM N/A 03-17-19 PM
Things That Are Lacking 03-24-19 AM N/A 03-24-19 PM
Unseparable Faith  03-31-19 AM N/A 03-31-19 PM
04-07-19 AM 04-07-19 PM
Assured Deliverance 04-14-19 AM Forbiddin to Preach 04-14-19 PM
The Excruciated Christ 04-21-19 AM The Inefficient Farmer 04-21-19 PM
The Spring of Solomon 04-28-19 AM Don't Miss the Boat 04-28-19 PM
Friends and Family: A Gift 05-05-19 AM Did Jesus and the Centurian Talk Personally? 05-05-19 PM
Motherhood:  05-12-19 AM The Story of a Mother and Her Grown Son 05-12-19 PM
Who Did John Baptize? 05-19-19 AM The Taken 05-19-19 PM
Memorials 05-26-19 AM Becoming as a Little Child 05-26-19 PM
Who Were Baptized on Pentecost  06-02-19 AM Obligation or Opportunity? 06-02-19 PM
Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven 06-09-19 AM The Role of Elders 06-09-19 PM


© Copyright  2018.  All rights reserved.